WB.TS The predecessor of the team is ts team, which is the professional E-sports team of mobile game king's glory. It was officially established on January 13, 2017, and has gained many honors in previous competitions. TS team has won the 2020 KPL spring championship and the world championship, and has a permanent seat in KPL professional league.

TS club has been in the KPL professional league, belonging to the western division. It has won the Grand Slam of WGC, TGA, Koc and QGC. It has won nine consecutive victories in the preliminary round of the 2018kpl autumn competition and successfully promoted to the official KPL autumn competition. In 2020, he won the KPL spring championship and the king's glory world championship.

In 2020, the champion of the world cup was won 3-0 by the champion team of the world cup, and the champion of the world cup was won by the champion of the world cup 3-0.

On August 24, 2020, at the summit of global E-sports leaders and the annual release of Tencent e-sports, Weibo officially announced the acquisition of the double champion of 2020kpl King's glory spring competition and the king's glory World Championship Cup, which is named as "TS team" for short, and will keep all the champion lineup. The future team will“ WB.TS ”In the name of KPL, we will continue to compete in the series of KPL. The acquisition marks the official entry of microblog into KPL field and the in-depth layout of e-sports industry.