Chappie used to be carry of the imperial Corps. Unfortunately, in Ti7, he failed to get to Seattle because of his visa. He was swept away by the substitute resolut1on, and then left the Empire. After that, he went around CG and Pango, but they didn't perform very well.

Mastermind is a Bulgarian player who has played in PG, singularity, Kaipi and other teams before, but has always been able to make it into the official minor or major event. Position 3 rajjix is from Lebanon and has joined DD, Aachen city and other teams. Flash in position 5 is Romanian. He became a professional player in 2016. He has played in several European second and third tier teams, and his last employer is Kaipi.

The last No. 4 position is known to all of us. After a brief cooperation with EE at the beginning of this year, this old artist joined several branch teams, but his achievements still did not improve. At the beginning of this month, bone7 posted team search information on his personal twitter, hoping to make a comeback.

From the team information, vikin team is a brand new European team