Team WE



We King glory division was established in 2017, which is a branch of we E-sports club. At the beginning of its establishment, we devoted itself to entering KPL and winning the KPL championship. In the 2018tga King's glory winner group, we team defeated DP team and won the qualification of 2018kpl King glory professional league autumn match. At the end of the preliminaries, we team defeated DC, which was regarded as the strongest black horse, and grabbed the second ticket of KPL autumn match with the posture of seven consecutive victories. We, a new elite army, formally entered KPL!

Xi'an we initial list

Against Lu Xi'an

Da Ye Xi'an we.xiaoxin

Middle Road Xi'an we. Xiao a

Development Road Xi'an we. Attachment

Xi'an we.556

Xi'an we

Abbreviation: We

Establishment: April 21, 2005

League: King's glory professional league

Division: League of heroes, glory of the king, survival of the Jedi, crossing the line of fire, legend of furnace stone, and peace elite

Xi'an, China

Sponsorship: AcFun, i-Rocks, Score, sage Kwai, fast hand, tiger tooth live broadcast, climbing, Qujiang New Area

Website: www.teamwe.com

Xi'an we kpl2019 lineup announcement

We. Dada (Zhang Min) is currently the head coach of we King glory team, and is responsible for BP work in the KPL autumn games in 2019. During his term of office at we, coach dada has done a good job in both the flexibility of BP on the field and the guidance on the life and training of the players off the field. We firmly believe that under his leadership, the team can find a new positioning and break through itself in the new season.

We.2237 (Guo Lei) is now the assistant teaching assistant of we King glory team. He has rich teaching experience and is good at developing team system. We believe that his participation will make the team coach system more perfect, and we also expect his experience to bring tactical and psychological improvement and guidance to the team.

We. Heijing (Liu Zuoming) is now a data analyst of we King glory team. He was once a professional player and successfully transformed into a professional data analyst. Full understanding and analysis of the game, hoping to help the team to find and fill the gap, further.

Team member

We.556 (Wang Peidian), born in 1999, is a field player. He won the WCG King's glory championship in 2019. Joining the we team in the KPL selection meeting in 2019, this young general is diligent and progressive and strict with himself. We can see many excellent qualities from him. We hope that he can prove his value and bring new energy to the team through practical combat again and again.

We. Qi Xia (Wang Bin) was born in 1996, and is in the position of auxiliary player. He joined the we youth training system in 2018. Through the cultivation of the club, his personal strength was significantly improved. After the KPL selection meeting in 2019, he joined the we King glory team. We see his great potential in all aspects, welcome him back to we again, and hope that he can play his own style and continue to improve himself.