NRG is a csgo team from the United States, abbreviated as NRG

In 2016, the lol Club NRG from North America announced that it would establish CS: go team to enter the North American shooting circle.

In order to be able to win the qualifying places of ESEA and form a complete team, NRG signed the former silent3m and just9n. After the two former method players terminated the contract, they took the next ESEA Professional League places to search for a stable lineup. The third person to be signed by the team was Peter "PTR" Gurney from splyce, who had a brilliant performance in his early career at CLG.

What's more, NRG has signed former mouz players, Fatih "gob B" dayik from Turkey and Nikola "Legija" Nini Vic from Serbia. The gob B will assume command of the entire team. However, Legija has been on the edge of the CS circle in North America, and has become a coach for several times, but it can not be realized.

After the formation of this set of lineups, NRG invited the former gob B's old colleague, Nebi "FNR" SERC as the manager, and Zachary "eley" Stauffer, a former method member, as an analyst.

After defeating MIBR and liquid, the NRG team's world ranking rose greatly, and it was close to the top five places and came to the sixth place;