On August 23, 2020, YTG officially changed its name to KS.YTG 。

KS.YTG Formerly known as YTG team, YTG is a legendary team in KPL. It was founded on March 2, 2016. It is the first offline professional team of "glory of the king". It is composed of a group of young people with dreams, potentials and love of E-sports all over the country. It is a new team with tacit understanding and well-trained. Team slogan: YTG more brave!

YTG came into people's attention because of its extremely fierce playing methods in the early stage, which once made this team known as "yueta Gan". For the old audience, this unique team style is an indelible memory in many people's hearts. In the barrage, we can often see bullet screens such as "just like watching YTG Games". Even in the glorious era of tank fighting for half a minute and head to head 0 for 0, YTG is also the team with the most exciting competition and the most fierce head burst. It is also a star with the most unique color on the KPL stage.

Since its establishment, it has won the second place in the first Koc finals, the third place in the QGC season, the third place in the first cmeg, and the champion in the second Koc finals. In 17 years, it won the top eight of KPL spring games.

Once played from the preliminary competition twice, in the field also has the title of flat head brother. Watching YTG's game is full of surprise and surprise, and with their fierce playing methods, they left a deep impression. In the 2018 KPL spring games, qghappy was played to the relegation stage, and in the 2020 KPL spring competition, it also played a good effect. Although it did not enter the playoffs, YTG has been bringing wonderful games to everyone in its own way.

YTG renamed KS.YTG

YTG Kwai Chung Club officially joined Huayi Beijing Huilong Network Technology Co., Ltd. (fast hand), YTG electric Club officially changed its name to KS.YTG Kuaishow yowant gaming.