Cloud9, referred to as C9, is an E-sports club in North America. At present, it has several E-sports branches, such as hero League, csgo, watch vanguard, etc.

Origin of team name:

Cloud nine is a term used in American weather services. In meteorological service, various cloud systems have their own numerical codes, such as cloud system 1 and cloud system 2. Cloud 9, or Cloud 9, is a specific code name for cumulonimbus. The cumulonimbus is the highest, so cloud nine has become the image pronoun of "at the top of the world", which is used to describe a state of "high mood".

Team history:

Cloud9 was originally signed with orbit gaming in North America on May 25, 2012.

In 2013, cloud9 began to restructure

In 2013, new members, meteos and balls, joined in and successfully won the tickets to the S3 finals.

On December 20, 2016, C9 officially released their name list for the spring 2017, with meteos removed from the starting lineup and contractz promoted to the starting lineup. In addition, C9 also announced the addition of a new coach assistant, Cain, while ray was on the bench.

In the final of the 2017 spring competition, C9 and its old enemy TSM were defeated in five innings, ranking second; in the first round of the summer season, C9 was defeated by dig in a rash way, but because of the high score in the spring match, C9 still won the place in the final round of the preliminary round. In the final round of the S7 North American qualifying match on September 10, C9 lick's old strong team CLG successfully advanced to the S7 global finals.

In the S7 global finals, C9 once again reached the top eight; in the S7 finals ended on October 22, 2017, C9 lost 2-3 to the we team from the LPL division and missed the semi-final.

In the transfer period of the 2017 / 2018 season, impact and contractz left the team. C9 introduced a new licorice and signed svenskeren, a former TSM player, to form a new lineup for the 2018 season.

In the 2018 nalcs spring games, C9 advanced to the playoffs with the fifth regular season ranking, but was swept away by tl3-0 in the first round of the playoffs and missed the semi-finals.

Before the summer games in 2018, C9 made a substantial personnel adjustment. The original stable main force of sneaky, Jensen and smoothie was transferred to the C9 Academy of the second team, and Keith, goldenglue and zeyzal of the second team were promoted to the first team as the first team to play in the summer competition.

In the final of the North American summer game held at the Oracle arena in Auckland on September 9, 2018, C9 was again defeated by TL by a big score of 0-3, ranking second.

Competition record:

2-4 in the group competition of the 2019 S9 global finals

2nd runner up of North America LCS summer 2019

LCS spring 2019

Top four of the 2018 S8 global finals

Advance to North America qualification 2018

2nd runner up of LCs summer competition in North America in 2018

Top 8 of the 2017 S7 global finals

Advanced in the 2017 S7 global finals

Advanced in the North American qualifying of the 2017 S7 global finals

Second runner up of North American LCS spring competition 2017

2016 S6 global finals

2016 S6 global finals North America qualifying

Runner up of LCs summer 2016 North America

2015 S5 global finals North America qualifying

Second runner up in 2015 North American LCS spring competition

2014 iem9 San Jose champion

2014 S4 global finals

Runner up in 2014 North American LCS summer competition

2014 Paris All Star Game

Iem8 world finals 2013

Second runner up of iem8 Cologne station in 2013

2013 S3 global finals

2013 North American LCS summer Championship

2013 MLG winter champion

Historical achievements:

Hkpubgworldinvitational won first place ($75000)

Pglpubgfallinvitational2018 won first place ($50000)

Nplroyale1 finished second ($20000)

National pub bgleague 019 phase 1 won second place ($40000)

Interesting news of the team:

Sponsored by the U.S. Air Force

In early June 2014, a game pointed out that with its excellent performance, the C9 team was supposed to usher in a super strong sponsor, the US air force. Although it is only the reserve team of the air force, this sponsorship is probably the biggest sponsor of the e-sports industry so far. Therefore, we have to say how successful the operation of C9 club is. The reason why the U.S. Air Force Reserve sponsored C9 this time is very interesting. We are looking forward to recruiting more young Air Force talents through the network.

TGA Club of the year

In 2016, the game award named cloud9 "E-sports Club of the year". In 2017, C9 won TGA's "best E-sports Club of the year" again, and won the award for two consecutive years.

T-Mobile, a world-famous communication manufacturer, announced its sponsorship of C9

On August 16, Beijing time, team solomid and Cloud 9, two veteran teams in North America, tweeted at the same time to announce that T-Mobile, a world-famous telecommunications company, has become a partner of the two teams.


Cloud9, as an old strong team in the North American theater, has brought us a lot of wonderful games. In the world invitational tournament in Hong Kong, China and the pgl2018 autumn invitational tournament, cloud9 defeated faze team and liquid team to win the championship. This makes me look forward to the manifestation of C9 in FGS peak competition. Let's wait and see!




Mitty, assistant player of the formar FNC team.



Zven, C9 active ad player, is good at Calista, Lucian, goddess of war and izerell.



Perkz, C9 active center player, He is good at using Yasuo, Lucian, Xia, kasha and sindra.



Enjoys cosplaying female characters from various games or franchises.



Vulcan, real name Philippe Laflamme, C9 auxiliary player.



C9 active top player



Blaber, C9 field player, used to use panson, cask, Spider Queen, blind monk.