Guangzhou TTG.XQ Formerly known as XQ team. XQ team is a veteran team of KPL League. It is a veteran of seven dynasties. In the 2016 KPL autumn competition, XQ team won the runner up result. Artest is also a strong player, known as the all-round king.

However, after XQ lost to qghappy in the finals, Artest has been questioned for some operational errors. The state of XQ has been ups and downs.

In the fall of 2019, the XQ team also adopted a new lineup and got good results. It entered the playoffs with the third place in the East, but was eliminated by the RW Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. In the winter Champions League qualifier, the XQ team also regretfully failed to enter the main race.

XQ team renamed tTG team

On February 17, 2020, Beijing time, XQ E-sports Club King glory Branch officially announced its presence in Guangzhou quwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. (TT voice). From now on, the original XQ E-sports Club King glory division officially renamed as TTG.XQ King's glory Division TTG.XQ 。 (due to the restrictions of microblog rules, the official blog is nicknamed tTG_ XQ King glory Division) at the same time, we will also replace the logo of the team to fight 2020kpl with a new look.

TTG.XQ Brand new logo

TTG.XQ The team logo of King glory division is mainly in blue, with orange and white. The logo integrates the regional characteristics and flame elements of Guangzhou, the team's home stadium. Sheep have the characteristics of perseverance and perseverance. The flame symbolizes Nirvana and rebirth, which represents our team's nirvana and rebirth. The king comes back and will never stop on the road of chasing the champion! We hope that the spirit of E-sports that we advocate can be understood and recognized by more and more E-sports fans. We also hope that more and more like-minded people will join us to achieve the goal of our dreams, follow the dream and live in the sun!

TT voice, the leading social platform for head games in China, provides more than 100 million registered users with a variety of social scenes, such as game team opening, multiplayer interactive entertainment, professional E-sports training, talent entertainment, etc. As an old member of KPL, XQ E-sports Club King Division will activate new strength and achieve better results!

TTG.XQ Team settled in Guangzhou

"Guangzhou tTG team, welcome home!" On October 9, Guangzhou's only E-sports team with KPL seats held a home launching ceremony and the first home professional league match in Tianhe District Culture and Art Center of Guangzhou, officially opening the city home court era of Guangzhou E-sports. The launch of Guangzhou E-sports City home marked the first time that Guangzhou held the event as the city's E-sports home, and also officially made Guangzhou the fourth home city of KPL.

In the 2020 KPL spring competition and the world championship cup, the team won the national top four and the global top eight respectively.

Guangzhou tTG belongs to TT e-sports, which is a brand-new E-sports brand created by quwan network combined with its TT voice platform.